Name: Edith Magdalene
AKA: E, ERP, URP, Edie, Goddess, Professor
Pronouns: She/Her, They/Them, He/Him
Age: (Human Years) 34
Race: Vampire
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Profession: Virtual E-Whore, Academic Slut
Concentrations: Physiology, Psychology, Sexology, IT
Accouting, Business and Brand Management
Sexuality: Sapiosexual, Demisexual
The air was cold and smelled of wet dirt and grass. Edith’s heels clicked against the cobblestone walkway, creating a sharp noise that rattled off the surrounding buildings, into the desolate night sky. She shifted her keys between her index and middle finger of her left hand, as she hugged her arms around herself to keep warm.Why did I do this? She thought to herself, rolling her eyes in frustration. She could be home right now, wrapped up in the warmth of her heated blanket. She could be sipping on a mug of hot chocolate, watching one of her favorite slasher films. Instead, she had allowed herself to be coaxed out to a club by some of her more rambunctious friends. Despite knowing that at some point they would become belligerently drunk, she appeased their desires.“Come on Edith, you never come out with us.”There were a plethora of reasons for that. The main being that, whenever she did, she wound up feeling this way. She’d always convince herself that, maybe they were right. Maybe she would have fun. But she never did. She always longed for the comfort of her home, and the smell of the pages of her books.“Well, well. What do we have here.” A deep, dark, male voice bellowed from the shadows between two buildings. The hairs on Edith’s back stood up, as her body shifted from comfortable annoyance to fight or flight. She ignored the presence of the man, and picked up her pace, continuing to her car.The sound of heavy feet quickened behind her, and a harsh grip wrapped around her shoulder.“I’m talking to you.” The man’s voice bellowed in anger, whipping Edith around to face him.“FUCK OFF!” Edith yelled, kicking her leg up above her waist as she was spun around. The heel of her shoe met with the man’s collar line, leaving a gash in his skin that immediately started to bleed. She gripped the plastic head of her car key in the palm of her hand, teeth side out.“You’re a feisty one, aren’t you?” The man grinned menacingly, running his index finger over the blood running down his chest. Edith took this moment to turn back on her heel and try to make a run for it, but the man gripped her arm again, pulling her close to him.A piercing sting radiated from the left side of Edith’s stomach, feeling like it was burning her insides, making its way up to her chest and down to her legs.“I don’t like the feisty ones.” The man said angrily, the smell of liquor and smoke pouring from his mouth, into Edith’s nostrils. She investigated his emotionless, black eyes, and then looked down at her stomach.The sting… he had stabbed her… and was holding the knife in place.
Without a moment’s pause, Edith utilized the adrenaline pumping through her body. She grabbed one side of the man’s face and began puncturing the skin of his neck with the blade of her keys. In one swift motion, the man ripped the knife from Edith’s stomach, and brought both hands up to his neck, falling backwards to the ground.
“Y..ou… bi.. t… ch…” Could almost be made out as he spit up blood, his body going limp.“HELP ME!” Edith shrieked, her voice ringing through the night like a siren. She tried to ball up the fabric of her skirt and press it against her open wound. She repeatedly begged for help, taking as many steps away from the body of the man who attacked her before collapsing to the ground.“Please….” She begged, looking up into the twinkling stars above her.Edith felt ignored by the world around her, the sounds of cars in the distance faded, and everything started to go black. Except… there was a pinhole of light up in the sky, directly above her. Was it a star? The brightest star, trying to keep her grounded here in the living world?The star began shining brighter and brighter, until it exploded, taking over the darkness that was encroaching Edith’s field of vision. Unexplainably, a woman emerged from the explosion of light. She was horned, her eyes were glowing, and in her hand, she bore an apple that she reached down to Edith’s lips.“I can save you.” The woman’s voice echoed, as if there were more than one of her speaking simultaneously. Without hesitation and with every bit of energy that Edith had left to muster up, she brought her lips to the apple in the woman’s hand and sunk her teeth into it. The juice from the apple oozed out, over Edith’s tongue, and it tasted of metal.Am I dreaming? Is this just blood? Edith thought to herself.A pain, worse than having been stabbed, rushed over Edith’s entire body. She felt like she was on fire, and her skin was melting off her bones. The sounds of her own screams filled her head, but she couldn’t even feel herself pushing out any sound. Her eyes had rolled back, and all she could see was black.But then… all the stars came back into view. The sounds of the cars in the distance could be heard again, and the pains that Edith had felt all throughout her body diminished. She felt… fine.Was it… all a nightmare? Edith sat herself up and looked around. No, it couldn’t have been. There was the body of a man laying on the ground about five feet from her, in a pool of his own blood. She was unphased by the sight of this. He had hurt her after all, that she could remember. She didn’t feel the pain anymore though. She looked down at her stomach and removed the bell of cloth from her skirt that she had pressed against her stab wound. It wasn’t there anymore. There was no blood.She could smell it though. The smell of blood was so strong, and such a smell had never been so defined for her before. The smell made her muscles feel like they were twitching.“What is happening to me?” Edith asked herself aloud, gripping her head in confusion.“I changed you.” An unfamiliar voice answered.Edith shook her head and looked above her, to see a woman with long red hair adorned in flowers standing over her. Large black horns poked out from her temples and twisted their way upward towards the sky.“WHAT THE FUCK!” Edith yelped, pushing herself off the ground into a cautionary stance.“Do not be afraid,” the woman responded to Edith’s quick reaction, “I am Pandora.”“Pandora?” Edith questioned, between bated breath.Pandora moved close to Edith and gripped her chin between her thumb and index finger. Edith flinched but looked into Pandora’s eyes; a calming feeling of safety blanketing her.“You’re safe now Edith, and you’ve been granted my gift of immortality by biting from the apple of knowledge. However, in doing so, you have been banished from humanity. There is a curse to this gift. You will be tormented by knowing and feeling everything deeply.” Pandora explained, and then turned Edith’s chin to face the man’s cadaver, “And you must drain humans like this from the world, or else you feel an insatiable hunger that will drive you mad.”Pandora turned Edith’s face back to hers, so that their eyes met again.“I know you won’t let me down.” She smirked, and released Edith’s chin, bursting into a tornado of flowers that faded into the dark.“WAIT!” Edith exclaimed, reaching her hand out to where Pandora had stood; but she was gone.Edith balled her right hand into a fist and brought it to her chest, and swallowed heavily. She turned back to the man on the ground, his neck and chest covered in blood, and looked over his body once more.“Why didn’t I stay home…” Edith sighed, and without thinking, she launched herself into the sky.
Flying home, instead of walking to her car.


Purple Angel Wing Heart